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Committed to Quality and Excellence.

Focused on our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission at Hammar & Associates is to be a long-term contributor to our client’s success. We embrace the “3 C’s” at Hammar & Associates: Commitment, Competence, and Character.

Commitment – We aim to provide payroll, accounting, and tax services to our clients with the highest commitment to quality and excellence. Our commitment to others will define our firm and we take seriously our work’s far-reaching effects.

Competence - We pledge to make every effort to utilize the tools of our trade and continuously improve our knowledge base in ways that will enhance our service to you. We will provide you with the services you need to organize financially, remain compliant, and achieve business success.

Character - We care about our clients and the quality of the work we do. We care about our families and our community. We care about one another. We have a special heartbeat for faith-based organizations and view our work as our ministry.


Next Generation Accounting Firms provide clients with the highest level of client service and professional support. At Hammar & Associates we go beyond the numbers to partner with clients—working year round to ensure you stay on a healthy financial path. We also offer an ...  

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Our Specialties

  • Eldercare Services

    As your cherished family member gets older, they may need some help with their day-to-day financial tasks. Often, simple tasks such as balancing a checkbook and paying household...

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  • Churches & Clergy

    Churches face many challenges—from staffing to inefficient “back office” processes. Back office work, like accounting and administrative functions, is time-consuming...

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  • Not-for-Profits

    Beyond core accounting work, our firm offers extended value as an accounting service provider for not-for-profit entities. We differentiate ourselves from other firms because...

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Latest from Our Blog

Our New Website

Hammar & Associates is excited to announce the recent launch of our firm’s new website. We’ve been working very hard to enhance our website and give our firm a fresh look. We’ve also continued to research and identify the latest and greatest technologies to improve the services we provide and ensure we continue to meet your needs.

Take a moment to look around our...

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